One Man Can has the Remedy to Big Government…
If we continue to simply "work harder" at what doesn't work, we'll simply exhaust ourselves.   We have to change what we're doing to that which works.

Let’s talk About Solutions!
Historically, Conservatives would rather pursue happiness than engage in traditional political activity. Consequently, even though most of America embraces conservative values, Liberals win most of the elections and government continues to grow.
  • Complaining is useless, in fact, its harmful.
  • Writing, emailing your congressman is almost as bad
  • Money bombs and campaign contributions are counter-productive

HOWEVER …There has never been a better time in history to shape the future.
--The simple truth is Individuals,,,YOU, me, ANYONE have  significant advantages over “special interest groups” political parties, and massive campaign organizations.  One Man Can combines those unique advantages with the latest technology.  Now YOU can use them to get “Big Government” out of your life and back under the restraints established by the US Constitution.

Introducing the New Guard Academy:

a web-based training and management platform for Grassroots Conservatives.
The New Guard Academy is design by and for activists:



  • works at the root of the problem
  • focuses your voice where it is the loudest
  • eliminates “Campaign Burnout”
  • saves you time
  • saves you money
  • measures your impact
  • produces Measurable results
  • is bottom-up
  • is independent
  • is SELF-sustaining
  • unites ALL conservatives
  • connects conservatives
  • makes conservative activists powerful and effective

Be Part of the Solution to Overgrown Government
“it is the Greatest Mistake to do Nothing because you can only do a Little!”

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